In Gymnastics, we are learning balance and stretching skills with Michael. We have to follow teammates and move about in different directions. Next week we are looking forward to getting equipment out.


In Year 6, we are the oldest children in the school. We are getting ready for our transition to secondary school next year, We need to be the most trustworthy children in school so that younger children can look up to us. We have kept the same classroom as last year.

Mrs Lee and Mrs Harris are our teachers and Miss Heggie, Mrs Burns, Mrs Sutherland, Mrs Snaith and Mrs Harland also come in and work with us. We often go over to the Youth room to do yoga or cooking with Mrs Rose. Many of us feel much calmer once we have had our weekly yoga session. 

At lunchtime, we eat with the children from Reception class. We help them use their knives and forks, help them cut up their dinner and have a nice time chatting with them.


Maths - We are learning about place value with numbers up to 10,000,000 (10 million).We have been rolling dice and place that many counters on top of different numbers. Now that we are in Year 6, we need to be very independent with our maths work. The work starts nice and hard and gets even harder as the days go on. 


In English, we are studying a new text. It is called 'The Secret Garden', by Francis Hodgson Burnett. The main character, Mary, is behaving in a spoilt way because her mother wasn't there to tell her what is the right and wrong way to behave. Sadly, this is because her mother died because of the plague.