Cumbria Education Trust Curriculum

As part of CET the primary schools have worked together to create a bespoke Primary Curriculum, which has been developed from the National Curriculum. In school, we use the CET base curriculum and adjust this ensure that this is carefully adapted to meet the unique needs of our children and locality.

Long term Plans for the academic year 2022 / 2023 can be found at the bottom of this page. These long-term plans ensure that the curriculum offer is exciting, broad and balanced.

English and Maths leaders have explored the national curriculum and have developed a long-term plan for teachers to follow to ensure continuity and coverage of all the core elements from the national curriculum.
Teachers are able to plan, deliver and assess all learning skills to ensure learning is matched for need.

Our links with the CET, also mean that children benefit from strong PE links with our MAT secondary schools. Through these links our pupils benefit from PE coaching that enhances the PE provision within our school. Mrs Holliday is our Sports Coach for school and will lead and plan sessions for children across school, in addition to running sports after school clubs. We also take the opportunity to participate in many trust wide sports festivals and competition.

Our pupils enjoy the learning here at Petteril School, we hope that this brief overview gives you a flavour of the learning culture here, please feel free to come and have a look for yourself. We welcome visitors to our school, so if you would like to book a visit, you can find the contact details on the ‘About Us’ tab at the top of our website.