Science is a way of working that allows children, through practical first hand experiences and secondary sources, to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. These experiences should enable children to observe, question, investigate, make sense of and communicate and evaluate their findings.
At Petteril Bank School we encourage children to:
• develop a questioning and reflective mind by providing a range of exciting and enjoyable activities.
• develop a systematic and logical way of working.
• apply their skills and knowledge to investigative work.
• come to a deepening understanding of scientific concepts.
• work safely and carefully.
• make links between their learning in other subjects in particular Maths and English so that they can explain scientific ideas.
We have a long-term Science curriculum plan delivered against progression skills across each year group. In Years 1-6, teachers plan using Developing Experts which gives children access to a range of resources to support learning in lessons and also supports teachers with CPD to ensure that the teaching and learning is carefully matched to the needs of the children in their class. Planning also includes the scientific vocabulary to be taught with each unit of work to enable children to articulate scientific concepts clearly and precisely.
In the Early Years Foundation Stage children experience Science through their learning in Knowledge and Understanding of the World. In this stage, adults plan for structured science learning in both the indoor and outdoor environments. Children access this through continuous provision and also through guided activities. Cross curricular learning is evident and teachers are encouraged to initiate opportunities for Science learning to be embedded within English and Maths lessons.


SCIENCE Progression of Substantive Knowledge

Science Long Term overview