We use a genre-based approach to writing at Petteril Bank School and children write for a range of purposes and audiences. In addition to this, children are provided with opportunities to apply their writing knowledge across other subjects. Throughout each genre, specific grammar objectives are taught and extra discrete lessons are taught if needed.
Phonics is taught progressively through our EYFS and Key Stage 1 classes with support groups in place where needed. In Key Stage Two, spelling patterns for each year group are explicitly taught each week with opportunities for both directed and independent practice of these.
In handwriting, children begin by printing to learn letter formation and where letters need to sit on the line before learning basic joins which lead to joined up handwriting. They are taught to join legibly and fluently in discrete sessions.

CET Writing Progression 

Year 1 English

Year 2 English

Year 3 English

Year 4 English

Year 5 English

Year 6 English

Spelling Overview KS2