Dear Parents/carers,


Having had three weeks back in school, I am really pleased at how things have gone and how well the children have settled.  It really is a pleasure to see so many happy and smiling children – this bodes well for the academic year ahead.


I would like to thank you for your patience with the staggered start and end to our school day so far.  I appreciate that this is not what we would have wanted, but these are exceptional times.


The Plan from Monday 28th September


Morning Routine

Starting from Monday, we would prefer all children to use a rolling drop-off system if possible. Drop-off is 8:45-8:55am. If you are early (before 8.45am) please wait either in your car safely on the road outside school or at the main gates, maintaining social distancing.


If you are late (after 8:55am), please go to the main school entrance and ring the bell. As all the staff will be helping to get children into class, this may take several minutes to answer the door.


Drop-off - Children with older siblings

Please drop-off from 8:45-8:55am. This is currently staffed by 2 adults at the front of school and there will be additional adults across the car park and playground. Older siblings will walk with their brother/sister along the path by the car park, through the green gates and onto the playground.


Ullswater Class will meet by the outdoor area and be taken from there at 8:55am, directly into the class by a member of staff.


Drop-off - with no siblings

You may have seen staff on duty each morning. From 8.45 am, staff are located by the main gates, in the car park, and on the playground. The system will work as follows: pupils will enter the school grounds by the main gate and will be directed by school staff along the marked lines by the side of the school car park and into the playground through the large green gates. From the playground, staff will direct children to their classrooms.


End Of The School Day

As we navigate COVID protocols, we constantly need to review how things have gone and how we can improve. From being out and observing over the last week, it is clear at the end of the day we have a bottleneck in and around the courtyard and by the main gates as parents wait for the children coming out of one exit point at their collection times. To try our best to improve this, we plan to send the children to different areas of the playground to be collected as this will help spread children, parents and families out. 


The school day officially finishes at 3:00pm. From Monday, this will be the same for all children. Please can you collect your child from the playground, entering via the large green gates.  Staff will be on duty to direct you to the correct area to collect your child. Parents will be able to enter the playground from 2.55pm.


  • Ullswater Class (Reception/Year 1) will meet parents at the bottom of the outdoor area at the far end of the playground.
  • Rydal Class (Year 1/Year 2) will meet parents by the side of the outdoor area.
  • Derwent Water Class (Year 3) will meet parents in the middle of the playground.
  • Buttermere Class (Year 4/Year 5) will meet parents by the side of the Year 5/6 classroom.
  • Coniston Class (Year 5/Year 6) will meet parents by the side of the Year 5/6 classroom.


Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 who walk home by themselves will now exit via the main entrance to the school.


All these areas will be signed ready for Monday, with staff out ready to help. Please can you follow the one-way system on entering and exiting the school playground and try to maintain social distancing at this time, so we can help keep everyone safe and feel comfortable when collecting their children.



School staff are likely to be wearing face masks during the start and end of the day. I encourage parents to do the same if this will make you feel more comfortable