Internet Safety

At Petteril Bank Community School, we take the online safety of our pupils very seriously.  We educate our pupils about the right ways to be safe when using the internet and e-mail and what they should and should not do. Parents are encouraged to read our e-safety policy in the parent information section of our website.

We encourage all parents to safeguard their children and be aware of the dangers of using the internet unsupervised.

We would also like to make parents aware of their responsibilities when using the internet.  Uploading or posting of any text, pictures or video on the interest/social networking sites that upset, offend or threaten the safety of any member of the school community or brings the school into disrepute is not acceptable.  We like to work in partnership with parents and we would welcome you to come into school and speak to staff if you have a problem.

Online Safety

As a school, we also take every precaution to keep our pupils safe when they are online.

At Petteril Bank we have an online reporting system in place for e-safety and safeguarding issues. If you or your child have any concerns about online safety, online bullying or a similar issue, you can contact the school confidentially by using the email address below. An e-mail will be sent to a designated safeguarding member of staff.

Below are a variety of sites offering information regarding the use of technology and the way that children use it.  Click on the links to take you to the websites.

Guide for parents on new technology, particulary mobile devices and the internet

How to keep your child safe online

Parents guide to devices that can access the internet

Parent Guides

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