Eco Schools update – Spring 2016

During this school year, The Eco Schools project is working towards the Silver award. The children have created an Eco- Code which is displayed on the notice board. The Year one class has been involved in a litter survey around the school grounds.  It is hoped that the litter will be reduced during the next survey, which will take place later in the school year.

Key stage 2 children are currently involved in a ‘design a poster’ competition to encourage all to save electricity, reduce water and reduce litter in and around the school. We currently have recycling bins for plastic, card board and waste, and have also have a compost bin.

This is an exciting project and ideas would be welcomed. If you have an idea or would like to help out, please post your ideas on the Eco Schools board.


Children were involved in a competition to reduce litter and energy use in school.  We are in the process of displaying the posters around school.  The winners of the competition are:

Year 3 – Emily

Year 4 – Jodie

Year 5 – Tayla

Year 6 – Kai

The school is in the process creating a base for the compost bin which will make this more secure in the playground.

During this term, a zip boiler has been fitted to the hotwater tank in the staffroom which has reduced the energy consumption by 50%, as the boiler is now on a timer.   Instead of running 24 hours a day, it now runs only 12 hours a day.

There are discussions about the whole school hot water tank becoming even more eco friendly, by having more effective insulation around them.

The Eco Reps in school are continuing to do a great job.  They monitor and encourage the recycling of paper card and plastic in school, and they actively empty the containers.  They also monitor the litter on the playground to help to reduce this.

Well done Eco Reps!

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